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The Legal and ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare delivery 

Legal and Ethical Issues of AI

Legal and ethical issues facing society due to artificial intelligence (AI) include privacy, discrimination, and the potential moral question of human judgment. Concerns have been raised that the use of new digital technologies could lead to new inaccuracies and data breaches. Errors in health care procedures or protocols can have devastating consequences for the affected patient.  

Currently, there are no well-defined regulations to address the legal and ethical issues that may arise due to the use of AI in healthcare practices. This article seeks to address these related issues, focusing on the need for healthcare delivery transparency, privacy and protection of all affected stakeholders, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  

This is important to remember because often patients meet their doctors during the critical times of their lives. AI is used to provide evidence-based management and evidence for medical decision-making to physicians, making the collaboration between AI and physicians successful when deployed appropriately. AI – Health may provide medical recommendations in diagnostics, drug development, epidemiology, personal care, and operational efficiency.  

In fact, as the co-authors of the article point out, integrating AI solutions into medical practice requires a strong governance framework to protect people from harm, including harm from unethical behavior. Ethical standards of care date back to the standards of Hippocrates, the physician who originated the idea of ​​the Hippocratic Oath. 

Source Article: Legal and Ethical Consideration in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Who Takes Responsibility?

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