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The benefits of art therapy in a stressful work environment

Work-related stressful conditions, such as burnout and state of mind distress, have been observed to have significant negative effects on the mental and physical health of first responders, contributing to greater allostatic (how the body responds to stressors) load and illness.  

This article provides an overview of burnout and allostatic overload among clinicians and explores the unique potential of expressive arts therapy as an intervention for mental health providers experiencing moral distress, with the aim of examining stress-related consequences for first responders’ mental health. The analysis of existing literature concluded that urgent attention is needed to develop mitigation measures to maximize the health and wellbeing of mental health practitioners. Expressive arts therapy may be an innovative intervention for physicians experiencing moral distress and burnout, through a holistic, person-centered approach to exploring moral distress. 

Source Article: The Big Picture: How Artwork Positively Impacts the Healthcare Environment.

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