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Robotic-assisted surgery in pediatrics

Over the past few years, laparoscopic procedures have been proven safe and valuable for both adults and children. They have shown to reduce hospital stays, result in smaller surgical scars, and expedite recovery. In fact, laparoscopy has even become the preferred method in some cases, replacing traditional open surgeries. However, the use of laparoscopic procedures has faced challenges in more complex situations, such as intracorporeal anastomosis or extensive reconstruction. These challenges were mainly due to technological limitations with laparoscopic instruments, limited visualization in 2D, and a steep learning curve.

Furthermore, performing minimally invasive surgery in infants and toddlers posed additional challenges, including limited operative space and delicate tissue handling. Thankfully, the introduction and implementation of robotic surgical platforms have revolutionized the field of surgery. Robotic systems provide a magnified 3D view, enhanced dexterity, high precision, and motion scaling, which greatly assist in precise intracorporeal suturing and optimal exposure. As a result, pediatric surgeons have gradually embraced robotic technology in various surgical procedures, ranging from pediatric urology to gastrointestinal surgery and gynecology.

Numerous studies have examined the safety and effectiveness of robotic-assisted surgery in children, comparing it to other approaches such as open or laparoscopic surgeries. This review aims to provide an overview of the current status of robotic-assisted surgery in pediatrics, analyzing existing literature and discussing its future potential. 

For more information on this topic, reference the following studies: 

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