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Perfusion Job Shadow Registry

Editor’s Note:

I was going through my email this morning, and deleted a bunch of messages which I’m pretty sure is what we all do as we screen our mail and filter out so many things that we have not invited into our lives – that seem to appear in the inbox more often than we like.

One of the deleted items is a letter that is shown below. It was a request to find a job shadow site – I deleted it because I get so many of these. There was however something in the message that made me pause and recall that when I first founded CircuitSurfers-  I would have given anything to have the sort of reputation that would invite people to send me a request like this.

It was one of those “what has happened to me- who have I become ?” moments that I’m sure we all have as we grow.

Essentially what I had done, if you want to be all dramatic about it – was toss away or ignore a very legitimate request from a total stranger to assist them in some way to achieve their dream or goal or whatever it may be.

If this had been a story in a fairy tale – then this would have made me THAT GUY- The evil giant that lives under a bridge – the  squasher-of-hopes-and-dreamz-TROLL.

While I’m not that, I have to recognize that there is a responsibility that comes with putting out a blog for perfusionists- to help perfusionists.  I might have forgotten that as we all get busy, which is no excuse to ignore the stated needs or requests of others.

I did put myself out there for a reason- and one of those reasons was to do just that- H E L P.  Thank you Courtney, for opening my eyes – and allowing me to remember why this blog is here in the first place.

Job Shadow Registry: G O A L S

  • Allow people seeking job shadow opportunities to list themselves when they register,
  • Allow people offering their sites for job shadow opportunities to be listed in this registry as well.
  • Connecting the dots– to the entry requirements on the checklist.

All responses will be listed in an Excel spreadsheet that will be available to anyone with a link that will be provided below.

Please click on the link below to list yourself as a job shadow seeker, or – a job shadow opportunity provider.

For job shadow opportunity providers – please understand and empathize with the many people out there that may depend on this last requirement in order to enter our field. We all fix arts – let’s show everybody out there that we have hearts ourselves.

God bless and pump strong! (bcf)

JOIN:  The Job Shadow Registry!

This is INTERNATIONAL as well- My Brothers & Sisters 🙂

Click Image ABOVE to Register 🙂


Provider Name:  Frank  USA

Provider Name:  Jessica  USA

Provider Name:  Mirza samreen   INDIA!

Seeker Name:  Courtney  USA

  • Date Submitted:  May 16 2919
  • Location Desired: York-Reading-Philadelphia-Lancaster, PA/ any cities in MD and DE
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Time Frame:  Next 6 Months
  • TagLine:  I am a young respiratory therapist who has a love of helping people and a thirst for knowledge. I’ve worked with many cannulated patients in the Open Heart unit at my current full time job and it has inspired me to go back to school. I’m currently finishing up prerequisites while working and would love to shadow as many cases as I can before placing my applications to programs. Any cases between now and the end of the year would be ideal.

Seeker Name: Dhanashree  INDIA!

  • Date Submitted:  May 16 2919
  • Location Desired: Ahemdabad, India
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Time Frame: Immediately
  • TagLine:  Positive

Seeker Name:

Date Submitted:

Location Desired:


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