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Nanotechnology in Medicine 

Nanotechnology in medicine

Nanotechnology has wide applications in the medical field in the form of nanomedicine. Some nanoparticles have potential applications in new diagnostic devices, imaging and methodologies, targeted medicines, pharmaceuticals, biomedical implants, and tissue engineering.  

Nowadays, highly toxic treatments can be administered more safely using nanotechnology, such as cancer chemotherapy drugs. Additionally, wearable devices can detect crucial changes in vital signs, tumor cell states, and inflammation already present in the body. We hope that these technologies will give doctors better direct access to important data about the causes of changes in signs of life or disease, thanks to the technological presence at the source of the problem.  

Biomedicine can be used in treatments using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. This article describes the application, characteristics, and properties of nanotechnology in the medical field. Scientists, governments, private organizations, and the public must work together across sectors to assess the importance of nanotechnology and guide its progress in various fields.  

Current research focuses on several ways to apply nanotechnology to medicine. As a result, the study provides a concise and well-organized report on nanotechnology that should be valuable to researchers, engineers, and scientists for future research projects. 

Source Article: Applications of Nanotechnology in Medical field 

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