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AngioVac 101: A Perfusion Primer


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FA 2016

Editor’s Note:

Thought I would drop a quick primer on the use of the AngioVac system for percutaneous clot extraction.  The YouTube video right below is very comprehensive and should explain 90%of our involvement as well as the process.

Have an excellent Monday!  🙂

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Product Description


All contents are sterile/single-use only. This circuit pack is designed for use during procedures that require extracorporeal circulatory support. It is not designed for long term use (greater than six hours). The pack includes tubing, connectors, stop-cocks, filters, clamps and a centrifugal blood pump head (read completely the instructions for use for the pump head and bubble trap filter prior to use). The centrifugal pump head utilizes a rotating, vaned impeller design to move blood by centrifugal force and intended for use only with the appropriate centrifugal pump consoles (refer to the console operator’s manual for console operating instructions and procedures.)



This perfusion pack is indicated for use in procedures requiring extracorporeal circulatory support for periods of up to six hours. Contraindications Alone, this circuit is not a medical treatment device. Selection of the patient as a candidate for use with this product and for such procedures as it is intended is the physicians’ sole responsibility. There are no known contraindications for this product.


Warnings & Precautions

  • It is recommended that one pack be set up and evaluated in a laboratory or bench test prior to first clinical use. Instructions for use
  • The patient should be prepared and draped in the usual and typical sterile manner for percutaneous/ surgical vascular procedures. • Sterile vascular cannulation should be performed utilizing typical percutaneous or open surgical techniques after anticoagulation has been initiated.
  • Remove all protective caps.
  • Tighten all luer locks and fittings to finger-tight to the desired components. Make sure all connections are secure and do not over tighten.
  • Connect the pump head to the circuit in the appropriate position and place the pump head into the pump motor drive receptacle.
  • Connect the circuit to other components as appropriate.
  • Prime the extracorporeal circuit completely with the desired priming fluid ensuring removal of all air from the circuit and being careful not to introduce any air into the circuit during the priming procedure.
  • Visually inspect the entire circuit to ensure it is free of air bubbles and leaks. • Ensure all clamps are in the appropriate open or closed position.
  • When infusing solutions from bags, remove all air from the bag during setup to prevent air from entering the circuit.
  • Carefully monitor for both inflow and outflow obstruction/ occlusion of the circuit during use.
  • Initiate adequate systemic anticoagulation therapy prior to patient cannulation and utilization of this product for the conduct of extracorporeal circulation. A strict anticoagulation protocol should be followed and anticoagulation should be carefully monitored during all procedures. (Target ACT’s -160-180)
  • Do not exceed appropriate pressure ratings of the circuit (520mmHg/10psi).
  • Initiate flow in the circuit once it is completely primed to ensure appropriate function of the circuit, components and the pump console as well as appropriate flow rates.
  • Discontinue flow and divide the inflow and outflow lines of the circuit at the appropriate connection.
  • Connect the inflow and outflow lines to the appropriate cannulae/catheter, ensuring no air is introduced into the circuit. • Ensure all appropriate clamps are again in the appropriate open or closed position and that there is no inflow or outflow obstruction. • Once adequate anticoagulation has been achieved, initiate extracorporeal circulation as desired.

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