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A Locum’s ScrapBook: A Hotel Shines in the CoronaZONE

Editor’s Note:

Well, it’s the weekend- and we are all a bit dazed.  Hospitals cancelling all elective cases, a shortage of surgical masks and personal protective equipment, social distancing, closed restaurants, rampant misinformation, social paranoia, and a lot of ostriches.  Endless absolutely worthless national  press conferences with noone giving out any tangible hard facts- a lot of finger pointing- name calling- nasty insinuations, the whole gambit of how ruthless we as a society can become when under pressure or in the “survival mode”.


We are better than this- and our politicians are acting like schoolyard bullies that just got punched in the face by the little kid with glasses.  It’s a wake up call for sure. And that little Kid’s name is COVID 19…

This is the new normal for dining out.

So any way- this is a post about Locum’s Perfusion in the CoronaZONE.

I find myself at the Courtyard Marriott in Owensboro and the great state of Kentucky!

And if you are wondering- yes it’s a great hotel, I have stayed here many many times while covering perfusion services in this area.  More about the staff later.

So I wake up this morning, and this morning happens to be Saturday- so nothing is on the schedule as of yet.  I don’t bother to get coffee downstairs- because all of those amenities disappeared on Monday morning of this week- pretty much at every hotel chain here in the US.  I walk down the hall- deciding that the drive thru McDonald’s is where the coffee will be- and there is absolutely no one in the hotel- halls, lobby, swimming pool, anywhere to be seen.  It’s 9 AM on a weekend Saturday morning when there are always social activities in the mix, sporting events to be played, weddings to be held, journey’s to be continued…

Wow- nada- zip- nothing and no-one EXCEPT the hotel manager, Mrs Cyan Johnson 🙂

You better introduce yourself to Cyan, because she will definitely send a smile and good will in your direction.  I have been acquainted with Cyan for the last year or so staying at this property, and watched her transition from staff to hotel manager.  She deserves that title, because she is perfect for the job in these very imperfect times.  I told her I wanted to do an interview- and as you can see in the video below- she adjusts quickly and very professionally.

Meet Yosemite Sam! 

I respect this guy so much because he does what needs to get done to keep this place running!  We talk a lot- about survival toys- and staying alive in the woods etc-  He is a true Kentucky woodsman 🙂

These are tough and scary times, and as you can see from the videos below- the Hotel reminds me of the Titanic- before she sank.  well taken care of and manicured perfectly- but empty and very Twilight ZONE ish.

It takes confidence and bravery to maintain your composure as well as the staff here have done.  I’m very impressed- with their dedication and personal courage- so there you have it!

Cyan is by far the best hotel manager I have met in the last 5 years– and I have met many.


A Locum’s ScrapBook: A Hotel Shines in the CoronaZONE

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