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Translational Bioethics That Aim to Improve Medical Practice 

translational bioethics

We introduce a systematic methodological approach to translational bioethics, an aspiring subfield of bioethics that aims to improve medical practice in line with ethical norms, which we refer to as “transformative medical ethics.” This framework becomes crucial when there is a discrepancy between universally recognized ethical principles and their application in biomedicine and technology.  

Drawing on previous studies in translational bioethics, the framework outlines a process consisting of six phases and 12 translational steps. These steps involve a range of research activities including philosophical inquiry and empirical research.  

The framework serves as a useful tool for identifying obstacles to the transformation process and offers guidance to researchers and practitioners in developing appropriate models for implementation and evaluation in specific settings. The framework is exemplified through the concept of autonomy in medical decision-making.  

Further research is necessary to theoretically support the framework, extend its application to other discrepancies between ethical ideals and practice, and assess its viability and efficacy across various contexts. The framework of transformative medical ethics provides a strategic approach to investigating and encouraging ethically informed practice change throughout all stages.  

Referenced Article: Transformative medical ethics: A framework for changing practice according to normative–ethical requirements 

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