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Taking rest as seriously as work 

Taking rest as seriously as work

This study examined the question of how professional caregivers think and act during rest from work. The analysis showed that professional healthcare providers with high communication flexibility perceived the physical reality of the body, here called somatic. Limited physical strength is the limited ability to physically take part in space and time. A sample of professional caregivers with high communication flexibility was collected using survey-based unusual case selection and standard deviation analysis.  

Eleven positively distressed (PD) caregivers and five supporters were later interviewed about their meanings and practices during time off. Ongoing comparative analysis of participant interview responses shows that PD practitioners view rest as an active pursuit of holistic recovery and have complex interpretive schemas about rest. It became clear that they normalized comfort as a strategic defense and essential happiness, and practiced comfort as multimodal care, thus protecting, prioritizing, and adhering to rest.  

Finally, Parkinson’s caregivers experienced positive effects of relief on their personal, interpersonal, and professional well-being. As expected, these results contrasted with interview responses from non-PD caregivers.  

Overall, this scholarship expands organizational communication theory, including literature on positive organizational skills, communicative theory of resilience, ideal employee norm, meaning of work, and comfort. Ultimately, highly communicative professional nurses build important reserves through rest, challenging the view that flexible workers need less rest. 

Source Article: “She takes rest as seriously as working:” How resilient professional caregivers think about and practice rest 

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