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CardioVerse: Cardiovascular medicine in the era of Metaverse



The Covid-19 phenomena accelerated the trend of telemedicine throughout cardiovascular healthcare systems, and the developing of technological innovations such as Metaverse as the new assortment of the digital world that integrates virtual reality, thus assisted by (AI) Artificial Intelligence.  

CardioVerse is an interpretation on the adoption of the metaverse by cardiovascular medicine, addressing the limitations and challenges of the metaverse and introducing new opportunities for disease education, prevention, and diagnosis. It is used in many ways, including improving the doctor’s visits, supporting the process of cardiovascular care, and redefining medical training. Challenges need to be addressed in many areas, including cybersecurity, technology, legislation, and regulatory compliance, but using non-refutable proofs as a security assurance for patient information appears to be a viable option. 

Direct physical interaction has always been the foundation of the patient-physician relationship in medicine. Recent outbreaks have challenged this exclusive bond, separating patients from their doctors and raising concerns about the quality of patient care. This new reality has accelerated the use of new technologies in all aspects of daily life, from social and entertainment to medical care. Telemedicine, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are making unparalleled progress in the global healthcare landscape, introducing new possibilities in cardiovascular medicine, and connecting them to advanced technologies to deliver superior treatment to patients than ever before. 

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