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Why We Need to Help People Get Shadowing Sites!

Job Shadow Providers

Job Shadow Registry: G O A L S

  • Allow people seeking job shadow opportunities to list themselves when they register,
  • Allow people offering their sites for job shadow opportunities to be listed in this registry as well.
  • Connecting the dots– to the entry requirements on the checklist.

All responses will be listed in an Excel spreadsheet that will be available to anyone with a link that will be provided below.

For job shadow opportunity providers – please understand and empathize with the many people out there that may depend on this last requirement in order to enter our field.

Please click on the link below to list yourself as a job shadow opportunity provider.

There are so many prospective students looking to Job Shadow. Read some of these stories- and you will recognize yourself in MORE than just a few of them 

If you have a site or the time to help set up a Job Shadow- Just leave your information and we will CONNECT THE DOTS >>>>

Let’s Help These People Out?  PLZ

I appreciate the help!  (unknown)
Good Morning! I am looking for some help in finding a perfusionist to shadow in the central Pennsylvania area.  I was directed to this site for some resources.

Thank you!

Looking for observational opportunities outside of Nashville TN. I currently work at Vanderbilt and have done multiple observations with both Vanderbilt and Centennial in Nashville but would like to venture out to observe at other locations. If anyone could help me contact a person/department in any surrounding cities, it would be GREATLY appreciated!Thank you,


Hello,My name is McKenna  from Youngstown, Ohio. I am trying to find information on how to Shadow a perfusionist. I can travel as far as Chicago to New York down to Kentucky or Tennessee easily.

I have worked as a Respiratory Therapist for 9 years. I am looking to progress my profession further in an area that utilizes the experience I have with ventilation and the cardiovascular system. I have tried to go through channels of networking within my RT community to see if I can have a gateway to learn and experience perfusion. Right now all I have is the books and reading material I have acquired on my own to learn about the profession. I was wondering if someone from here could help me in this search to bank shadowing hours so I can accomplish what I have set my mind on.

Thank you.

McKenna S.

Hi, I’m looking for a perfusionist to shadow. It is very challenging to find one in New York City without proper connection to that individual. Therefore, I thought this is a good platform for me to expand my network. So, my question is, can you provide me any perfusionist information ? I’d love to talk to them about their process and the opportunities they might have.Thank you
I am looking to shadow a perfusionist in NJ area as soon as possible .
Hello I am a student in georgia that would like to shadow a perfusionist.
Hello! I am a biochemistry major at WTAMU and I have been looking into going to perfusion school when I graduate. I am looking to talk to someone who is already working this career, and possibly someone I could shadow during their work that may be in my area. If this is possible please contact me, thank you!
Hi! My name is Christina and I am pursuing a career in perfusion. I have a bachelors degree in biology, and I am working on putting my application together and getting more shadowing experience. I just moved to St. Louis, MO for a job as a cell saver tech at Barnes Jewish Hospital and was wondering how I could get in contact with perfusionists in the area, since the surgeries I work during are not cardiac cases. ANY help at all would be great! Thanks in advance.
Good morning,I graduated from the Univeristy of South Florida-Tampa in 2017. I did not believe MD/DOschool nor PA-C school would be a proper fit for me. Upon research I discovered a career that would be best for me: perfusionist. I wanted to reach out and ask the proper way to go about shadowing someone in the Tampa area who completed a CCP program.

I look forward to your response.

-Nancy Watkins

Hello,I have read online that you may be able to help me get in touch with a perfusionists. I currently live in Los Angeles and would like to shadow a perfusionists . I think it would strongly give me the opportunity to determine if perfusion is something I would enjoy and want to pursue.

Thank you & hope to hear from you soon.

Hello, I am a research perfusionist. I work for a cryonics research company. I have 3 years of pig research perfusionist experience. I am contemplating getting my perfusionist masters. I have a bioengineering bachelors. I have some questions about the field. please please reach out to me 🙂
Looking for a perfusionist to shadow in the Chicagoland area
I am searching for a Perfusionist to job shadow for a class at Texas Tech.
Looking to find a perfusionist to shadow in the Phoenix or Tucson area.
Hello, my name is Kayleen Maag. I am a recent graduate of TCU and I am very interested in pursuing a career as a perfusionist. I am in the early stages of the application process and I’m looking to network with a few perfusionists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I thought I would reach out and see if any of your members are open to me asking them a few questions and potentially shadowing them for a day. I really appreciate any contact you might have for me.

Thank you kindly,


Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a perfusionist near Chicago who would be willing to allow people to observe a couple cases in the OR. I tried a couple hospitals and they either said no or were very busy.
I am very intrigued in the perfusion career, but I am not having any luck shadowing. Is there any way I can get in contact with someone to gain insight?Thank you


Hey, I am a college student whom is looking to apply at a Cardiovascular perfusion program and needing to shadow a perfusionist, I am wondering if there are any perfustionist who know who I can contact to get that set up, I live in TN but willing to travel a little bit if I need to.Thank you in advance.
Good afternoon,My name is Valeria and I am a recent bachelor’s graduate from the University of South Florida. I am interested in pursuing a perfusion career and as I have been working to apply for my program’s of interest I have been struggling to find a perfusionist in the area I could shadow.

I was hoping you could help me find points of contact I could reach out to in the Tampa, Orlando, and/or Miami areas of Florida.

Thank you for your help and your time,


To whom it may concern,My name is Craig , and I currently work as an analytical chemist in the Philadelphia area. I am considering going to graduate school to be a CCP, and am contacting you because I am having difficulty finding a perfusionist to shadow. Any insight on how to find/shadow a perfusionist would be greatly appreciated, as the ability to gain experience in the OR would be instrumental in determining whether becoming a perfusionist is the correct career path for me.

Thank you for your time,


I am interested in finding a perfusionist to shadow and to discuss their career. I am a graduate of Kansas State University, and I live in Manhattan, KS. Do you know of any perfusionists in the area with whom I could contact or any tips to contact perfusionists?

Thank you for your time.

To whom it may concern,I’d like to explore the field of cardiovascular perfusion, however, finding perfusionists for job-shadow experience proves to be difficult. I live in Rochester, Minnesota. Even though Mayo Clinic is based here, the hospital does not list the contact info of its cardiovascular perfusionists on its department website. 

How can I establish contact with cardiovascular perfusionists in my area?


I am a current student at Oregon State University looking to become a perfusionist. I want to shadow a perfusionist but am having trouble getting in contact with hospitals in my state. Wondering if you guys are able to help me get in touch with some people. Thank you.
Hope all is well. Wanted to look into some perfusion observation just to get an idea of the jobs and roles of becoming one. Live in nyc region
Hello! I am in Merced, CA, about 2 hours from San Francisco, and I am looking for a perfusionist to shadow. Can you get me in touch with one?
Hi,I am a prospective student, planning to apply to Perfusion studies program. I currently reside in Dallas TX. I have been trying to reach out to Perfusionists in DFW to see if I can shadow them during their workday. So far I haven’t had any luck and no one has responded. I am reaching out to you to request if you can help me connect with a Perfusionist who can allow me to shadow them? If not shadow, if there is a Perfusionist willing to give an email-interview and answer few questions?

Please if you can help me connect with a Perfusionist, it will help me greatly.

Thanks in advance,


I am a college student on my senior year, pursuing an exercise science degree. I want to complete a master’s degree on clinical perfusion. I would like to meet with a perfusionits in New York state or close to know more about this career and disscuss a shadowing opportunity.
Good Afternoon,My name is Amanda . I was reaching out to your organization due to my interest in applying for a Perfusionist certification. I was wondering if you had a list or knew of a few perfusionists in the Austin Texas area who would be willing to have someone shadow them? Thank you in advanced



Hello, I am applying to perfusion programs soon and need to observe a few cases for the application process. I was on Blogger and this site was suggested to help get in touch with perfusionists. Is there any chance you could put me in touch with a perfusionist who wouldn’t mind having a shadow for a little? I live in Chester County, PA but work in York, PA and would be more than willing to travel to Reading, Philadelphia, Lancaster,  or most places in Maryland and Delaware. Thank you for any advice! If you cannot help I apologize for wasting your time.
I am a prospective Cardiac perfusion student who would like to shadow a perfusionist in Minnesota. I live in Bloomington MN and I am willing to travel within the state.
I am looking to shadow a Perfusionist. I am just wondering the best route in order to do so. I live in Northern Minnesota and would like to shadow locally, but I am also willing to travel if needed.
I’m a Biomedical Engineering student who’s about to graduate, I’m look to “Shadowing a Perfusionist”, Please contact me if there’s any chance to get to that position. Thanks to this opportunity i will be able to enroll in the Masters program in cardiopulmonary Perfusniost.Thank you very much
Hello,My name is Breana and I am a looking to apply to school for cardiac perfusion. I am trying to get in touch with local perfusionist in the Norfolk, VA or Hampton Roads, VA area to shadow them. Is there any way you can help me get in touch with any?

Thank You,


I would like to shadow a perfusionist in Arizona
Looking to shadow a perfusionist preferably in the NY area. However, I am willing to tarvel.
Hello,I am a recent Michigan State University graduate and am currently applying to perfusion programs. I am trying to find perfusionists to shadow in Michigan. I would appreciate if you could give me any contact information for someone I could reach out to, or if you could pass along my information to any perfusionist who may be willing to have someone shadow them. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!



Hi!I’m an undergrad interested in getting connected with perfusionists in my area (Austin, TX) and either talking to them about the profession or shadowing if possible. Are there any resources on here to help find clinical perfusionists that I could talk to?

Thank you!


Hello,I am interested in observing a cardiac perfusionist in the near future.  If you can please give me any information on how I can acheive that I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


I am an alumni of Medgar Evers College, who intends to pursue a Master’s degree in Perfusion. Before I dive in, I want learn what it takes to become a Perfusionist by getting the opportunity to shadow a professional. As well as learning how to properly operate a Cardiopulmonary Bypass machine and how to multitask while working within a team to efficiently and safely get the job done.
Good evening, I am looking for a cardiovascular perfusionist shadowing position. A requirement for my admission into the program.
Please tell me about the m.s program available in this institute???
would like to submit photos of cardiopulmonary bypass
Hello,My name is Adel  and I am a prospective student interested in pursuing a career in the field of Perfusion. I was wondering if I could get some assistance with regards to pursuing a shadowing opportunity so that I can have a better understanding of this career. I live in the Chicago-land area and if there was a recommended method for reaching out to a perfusionist in my area, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thank you,


I am in the process of exploring careers in Perfusion and i’m seeking out opportunities for shadowing. Can anyone help?
I am a prospective perfusion student seeking shadowing opportunities and mentorship.
Hello, I am currently a second year perfusion student at Rush University in Chicago.  As part of my thesis, I have developed a quick survey to investigate what kind of barriers exist for current CCPs to utilize high fidelity simulators for continuing education.  My survey was created by using RedCAP and is in the form of a link, I was wondering if there is any way possible that I could allow me to distribute my survey. Any help would be greatly appreciated,  thank you!
Where are you guys located? How do I contact someone on shadowing ?
Dear whom it may concern, my name is Tristan Twilligear I am a pre-physician assistant/biology major at Washington State University. I am really stuck in determining if I want to become a physician assistant or a perfusionist and I would love to job shadow a perfusionist to get more information on the job itself. Thank you for your time.
Good afternoon,My name is Ermina and I am currently a Master’s of Public Health student looking for a perfusionist to shadow so that I may learn more about the field. I am very interested and wish to begin the application process but many programs require shadowing experience. Please let me know if you can help. I am located in central NJ, with easy access to New York City and Philadelphia.

Thank you so much!


Hello,I am looking for advice regarding shadowing opportunities. Most perfusion programs require applicants to shadow. I am in the Reno, NV area. There isn’t a program here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Team,I was looking for any info about a heart lung machine called (Nipro EM1).

I am looking for its user manual. I do appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance,


Hi   My Name is Erica I’m interested in changing careers to CCP. I’m in search of shadowing hours in the Philadelphia/surrounding areas and have had no luck. I’ve emailed departments at mainline health,  University of Pennsylvania as well as Einstein. Is there any suggestions or direct contacts available to help me in my search? Feel free to forward my email to anyone that may be of assistance.

Thanks in Advance

I just graduate with a Psychology degree. I am looking to continue studies to become a Perfusionist. Before I do that I would like to shadow a perfusionist to get a feel of what this career entails. I live in Huntington Beach, California 92647. If you could help me find a program in Orange County I would greatly appreciate it!
Hello,I live in Alexandria,VA. I am looking to shadow a perfusinst in Virgina or DC. Can you suggest me which hospitals offer observerships? I would like to know and learn more about this field before applying into college.


Hello, my name is Jory Bell and I am a prospective student interested in perusing a career in Perfusion but I am having a difficult time finding a Perfusionist to shadow. I live in the Northern NJ (Passaic County) area and was hoping for some insight or information on how I might be able to contact someone within my area. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Hello,I am interested trying to reach out to find an opportunity to shadow a Cardiovascular Perfusionist in the DFW area of Texas. Personally, I do not know anyone in the field, but it have been difficult for me to find resources that would aids me in this. I would really appreciated if anyone can help point me in the right direction to be able to participate in the observation of this occupation. Thanks you for your time.



I am a prospective student in the Northern NJ/NY area and was wondering if there is any information on how I can shadow a perfusionist in my area. Any information you have to share is much appreciated.
Good morning,I am applying to a few schools across the country with requirements for shadowing a perfusionist. (I would want to even if not a requirement, of course.) Does anyone have any contacts near Dallas, Texas? I am willing to travel but would like to find someone around here as there are quite a few large facilities. I have attempted to reach out to various ORs but have not found anyone that can help.

Thank you,


Hello! My name is Laura and I want to become a perfusionist but need to shadow one to apply to programs. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I currently work in a hospital laboratory so understand about HIPAA. Any help in finding a perfusionist to shadow would be appreciated.Thanks
I live in Cheyenne, WY and I’ve tried to contact the two perfusionists I know of in the area through the hospital. However the hospital is unwilling to take my contact information or give me their own.
Hi,I am looking to shadow a perfusionist in the state of New Jersey.
My name is Abrea  and I am a senior African American studies major biology minor at Howard university. I am currently looking for a perfusionist to shadow.
Hello,I am prospective CP student currently residing in Los Angeles. I am in search of a perfusionist to be a mentee to, and possibly shadow. I am open to travel across states if need be. Thank you for creating this platform and hope to hear from you soon.
Hello,   I am currently in a Master’s of Physiology Program at Arizona State University. Upon my graduation in December, I am hoping to be accepted to school to pursue a career as a perfusionist. I am looking for shadowing opportunities, if that is at all possible.

Thank you,


Hello,My name Berker and i’m a recent graduate of the University of St.Thomas. Currently I’m trying to apply to graduate programs for perfusion and I’m looking for observations. I was wondering if you knew anyone in the Houston, TX area I could email to shadow a perfusionists. I’m HIPAA certified and have observed before. If observations arent available I could also volunteer.

Thank you for your response

hello, my name is shahzeen i live in Houston taxes i m looking for observation for perfusionist can anyone help me please? where can i find observation for perfusionist.
I am a Student in Eastern Idaho looking to find a perfusionist to shadow
Hello my name is Theresa and I was hoping that I might be able to be connected with a perfusionist to email or talk to about their recommendations on how to be competitive for perfusion school?   I am not sure if I should finish my bachelor’s in biology and get an EMT certification or if it would make more sense to go into nursing to gain medical experience that way? I had been in pharmacy school and currently work as a Pharmacy technician. Any advice as to degree choice and job choice or research would be great appreciated! Thank you kindly,


looking for a hospital in the Idaho /utah area that I could shadow a Perfusionist. Need this for my application.

thanks for any help or suggestions

Good Afternoon,My name is Stephanie and I’m currently trying to apply to a cardiovascular perfusion program. One of the requirements to enter the program is observe a surgery with the sign off of a perfusionist, which is why I’m getting in contact with you to see if you can help me to find someone who can help me complete this requirement.

Thank you

– Stephanie

I am looking for information on perfusionist who are available to cover hospitals on a temporary basis or long term/perm.  Can I receive information on costs associated with posting a position and how available candidates are?

Email is fine.



Hello,I am a student pharmacist who just learned about what a perfusionist does and I wanted to see if it would be possible to get some help in shadowing a perfusionist? I am extremely interested in cardiology and this seems like the perfect career for me. I currently live in Naples, FL but I’m very seriously considering moving back to Pittsburgh, PA to try and get in to UPMC’s perfusion program and to complete the necessary prerequisites.

Thank you,

Theresa Smith

Please I need to shadow a perfusionist as it is required before I can submit my application. I need help in finding one. I currently live in New Jersey please.
I would like to ask about corMartix – is there any chance to put this material on the bone without periostium?
HiI am currently a student at UC San Diego and am pursuing a BS in Biology. I am interested in the perfusion field, but I think having the experience of shadowing a perfusionist would be very beneficial. I was hoping I could get help with getting in contact with perfusionists in the San Diego area that I could shadow. I’ve been trying for a while now and have not had any luck. I appreciate any help. Thank you.


Hello,My name is Kirsten Kneisel and I am a prospective student who would appreciate shadowing a current perfusionist. I am currently applying to masters programs for Cardiovascular services and would love to get some observation hours to learn more about the profession. Thank you for your help!
I’m a Perfusionist, recently i started a website to serve our community, It is a quora like website having question and answers, in this website any perfusionist can ask their questions and any perfusionist can answer those questions. If you like my thought have a look at my website, if you can do a favor for me please post about my website in your facebook page. please give your suggestions.
Hi! I’m a Peace Corps volunteer who has recently returned to the states and I’m hoping to gain some valuable experience shadowing an experienced perfusionist. I currently live in the Bay Area! Is there a perfusionist who would be willing to allow me to tag along on a few cases?
Hello, I’m in the process of applying to the cardiac perfusion program. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get in contact with people that may be willing to be shadowed? I would appreciate any guidance offered. Thank you.
Hello, my name is Samareea . I recently graduated from SUNY Oldwestbury with a B.A in Biology. I am interested in pursuing Perfusion. I would appreciate the opportunity to shadow a Cardiovascular Perfusionist in the NYC/NJ area. If anyone knows any hospitals that allows perspective students to shadow in the OR please reach out to me by email! Thanks.
Hello! My name is Sophia and I am entering my third year at University of California Santa Barbara as a biology major. During the past year, I have been researching career paths, and cardiovascular perfusionist keeps topping my list. However, besides what I can learn online, I do not know as much about the profession as I would like. I would love the opportunity to shadow or just talk to one in the Santa Barbara or San Francisco Bay Area (my hometown in Walnut Creek, CA). Do you know of any cardiovascular perfusionists in these areas who would be willing to tell me more about their careers?
I am looking to shadow a Perfusionist to complete my application to grad school, I live in Minnesota and willing to travel anywhere in the upper midwest?  Please let me know if you are able to assist.

Thank you very much

This message is for Frank Aprile.  Please contact me at [email protected] or by phone 318-308-4523.  Would like to speak to you about your book.


Doc Phiroz, LP, CCP

Hi!I am in desperate need of finding a cardiovascular perfusionist to shadow. I have reached out to many hospitals and they all state that I must have a personal connection with a cardiovascular perfusionist who would allow me to shadow. The problem there is that I do not know a single perfusionist, so getting in touch with one is extremely difficult.

If you can put me in contact with any perfusionists in my area I would be greatly appreciative!

I live in Roslyn, NY which is of the Long Island area. I am 21 years old and a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo.

Is there a perfusionist I can observe in Reno, NV or around this area?
I am interested in the percentage of adult/pedi programs that have separate Chief positions vs. the percentage of these programs that only have one Chief over both programs. Is their any statistical information out there?
To whom this may concern,

I am a student having trouble finding a Perfusionist to shadow in my location (Pittsburgh). I was wondering if you could help.



I would like to become a cardio thoracic surgeon one day and thought that my best way to gain exposure to the field of of open heart surgery would be through understanding the workings of the heart and lung machine if there is someone that could help facilitate a platform in which I could garner experience I would sincerely appreciate that guidance in that direction.Thank you!
Hi I am currently an undergrad student at University of California, San Diego, planning to get into a perfusion program. I wanted to shadow a perfusionist and was wondering if you could help me. Thank you.
Hello,My name is Cesar  and I am currently a Perfusion student at Rush University Medical Center.  I was wondering if you currently offer student memberships.  I am a fan of the content that is found at and it has been of help with my studies.  I think it would be a great idea if the organization could offer student memberships to help keep future perfusionist engaged and up to date with what’s happening in the real world.  Thank you!
To Whom it May Concern,I am reaching out to you for help. As a undergrad student I am looking to job shadow a perfusionist, but I am having a really hard time finding a hospital that will allow me to. I contacted many hospitals, but it never leads anywhere. I am from the Flint/Detroit area in Michigan. I am willing to travel to find someone who will allow me to shadow them. I hope you can help me.



Good afternoon, my name is Mark. I recently obtained my Bachelors in Biology from the University of Texas at El Paso. While doing some research on my next educational step, I came across a Perfusionist Program. I quickly became interested in the program and the career itself. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get into contact with a local perfusionist even after calling every Hospital in El Paso. I was hoping that through your website I would be able to get into contact and observe a perfusionist within the Texas, El Paso area. I am also willing to travel around the Texas and Arizona area.Best Regards,


hi, my name is Roberto Lopez I am a physician from mexico and I am interested in knowing more about the ECMO online simulator, I don´t know if you could help us sending us the cost of this program. thank you!
To whom it may concern,My name is Dilyn Schooley and I am currently a third-year student at Central Michigan University. I am studying exercise physiology with a minor in science along with being a licensed and employed Emergency Medical Technician in the state of Michigan. I am striving to one day become a cardiopulmonary perfusionist but as of right now my greatest difficulty is finding a perfusionist to shadow. I am willing to travel anywhere on the east side of the United States to shadow and the months of June and July are very open for me as this is becoming my biggest priority. If any opportunities are available, please contact me at the above phone number or email at any time.

Thank you for your time and effort,


Hello,I am a recent graduate with a B.S in Biochemistry & Genetics from Texas A & M University. I currently reside in Dallas. I came across the field of Cardiology perfusion while looking for PA schools. From the time I came across the Perfusion schools and program in general, I became highly interested and curious on learning more about it. I have been researching a lot and decided to apply for the Masters program in Cardiology perfusion. The schools I am applying to require at least observing one case as part of the application process.

I have been trying to contact some hospitals in the Dallas area but have not been able to connect anyone yet. I wanted to reach out to this community to see if there is any assistance I can get on how to approach hospitals or perfusionists in the area.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


Hi,I would ike to shadow a perfusionist. I live in Houston, 20 minutes fromTX  Medical Center.

Thank you,


Hello,I have been having some difficulty finding perfusionists to shadow and was pointed in the direction of this website for help. I am attempting to shadow during this summer in Pennsylvania if at all possible and I really could use some advice on how to get this accomplished. What is the best way to find perfusionists to shadow?
Hello,My name is Chelsea and I am interested in becoming a cardiopulmonary perfusionist. I graduated from Oregon State University last year with a bachelor’s degree in bio-health science. I am currently working as a medical scribe in Dallas Oregon until I apply for perfusion programs at the end of the year. Could you put me into contact with a perfusionist to shadow near Corvallis Oregon? I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


To who it may concern,I am applying to a CVP program for the upcoming year and for the 2019 intake as well. I am interested in shadowing a perfusionist however my city (Windsor, Ontario) does not have a cardiac surgery department, with the closest being in London, Ontario. Ii am wondering if it is possible to get some help in getting contact information of some perfusionists to gain a shadowing experience. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


I will be applying to perfusion schools in the fall and I am hoping to get some perfusion shadowing experience this summer in the Chicago area. Please let me know if you can help with this request. Thank you.
Hello,I am currently a junior biology major. I have been searching around for opportunities to shadow a cardio-pulmonary perfusionist in the Chicago area, but have had no luck. If you could offer any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.



I need help finding a perfusionist to shadow. I’m not sure if I can have any help finding one to shadow through this site. My apologies if I’m reaching out to the wrong place. I am located in Orange County, CA. Thanks for your help!
Good evening,My name is Ashley and I am interested in the Cardiovascular Perfusion Program at Barry University. In order to be admitted into the program, one of the requirements is to observe an open-heart surgery and have the Perfusionist sign off on the paperwork. 

I am emailing you for guidance in order to be granted permission to be an observer in one of the surgeries. If you can provide me with information regarding the process of approval and send me any information regarding any steps or requirements necessary, I would be very grateful for the support.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

hi sir i am cardiac perfusionist in india and i want learn more and more in perfusion field so i want to come out ..i want to work under you but i dont know how to apply please help me out ..

i am very intelligent boy i am topper of my batch please help me out

Hello,I was wondering if this is a place to find guidance in shadowing a Perfusionist where I currently live, which is Phoenix, Arizona.  I am seriously considering this as a profession, and would like to shadow someone currently in this line of work to gauge the sincerity of my interest.

Thank you,


Greetings!!My name is Laraine , an ICU RN in Los Angeles, California. I have grown an interest in becoming a Certified Clinical Perfusionist. Although I have made a good amount of researching about what the profession is, I was hoping to get some aid to find a CCP to shadow or contact and have a more insightful information about the profession. Anything that might help will be truly appreciated.

I can be reached by directly replying to this e-mail or by phone (818) 800-1979.

Thank you very much.



My name is Christine and I am a prospective perfusion student. I am hoping that I can shadow you or that you can put me in contact with someone who likes shadows. I live in Indianapolis but I am willing to make the drive to wherever there is an opportunity.I am a CVICU nurse and I have been working as an RN for about 5 years, and almost all of it has been CVICU. My favorite part of what I do in the ICU has always been the machines, whether it is ECMO or IABPs, and teaching new hires. I have actually never seen a perfusionist work in the OR though. I have done my research, but before I make a leap into a new career, I think it is vital that I shadow for a pumped case.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I look forward to hearing from you.



P.S.-We have actually worked together before and I am in the blog. (Locums ScrapBook entry from 3/23/16)

I am interested in learning more about the Perfusionist career. Looking for shadowing experiences in the Phoenix or east valley (85224) area.
Hi,I’m applying to perfusion programs and am attempting to get shadowing experience. I’m having a bit of trouble finding a perfusionist that is available for observation.

I’m currently living in Colorado. Would you be able to put me in contact with perfusionists in Colorado so that I can partake in a valuable shadowing experience?



Hi,My name is Quinn and I am currently in my senior undergraduate year pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at UCLA. I heard about cardiac perfusion in my first year of college and have been interested in pursuing a career in the field since. Before I decide to dedicate my life to the field I really would like the opportunity to shadow a perfusionist on a case and get a little bit of a feel for what the day to day tasks actually entail. I’ve been doing some research and its been hard to track someone down in my area. Is there any way someone here can point me in the direction of a perfusionist that may be interested in allowing me to shadow for a few days? Or any direction on how I can better search for someone myself? Any help is appreciated! Thank you for your time.
I am looking for a cardiovascular perfusionist to shadow over the summer near Santa Fe, NM!
Hi! My name is Martha , I am from Albany NY. I have been searching and emailing perfusionists to shadow in my area with no success. Any help would be appreciated.Thank you!
I am a sophomore in my Undergraduate studies duel majoring in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Psychology. I have been determined to follow down the path of a perfusion program for quite a while now but I am experiencing a setback trying to shadow/interview/observe any “real-life” perfusionist. I am really eager to gain this experience under my belt to better prepare for application process. Please help!
Hello my name is Anna. I am applying to University of Nebraska Medical Center to their Clinical Perfusion program. For their program, they require that applicants have 3 conversations with perfusionists about their job responsibilities and point of view. The conversation can be over IM but I would need a perfusionist’s name, phone number, and email. I have already met 2 perfusionists but I am having trouble cold calling hospitals to try to find another. How can I find another perfusionist to talk to?Thank you
My name is Faith, I am a senior at Texas A&M University and I am interested in observing a perfusionist practice in hopes to become a more competitive applicant for a Cardiovascular Perfusion program. I am currently earning my teaching certification in School Health, but would love the experience to shadow or watch a few procedures.I am hoping to gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of members of the staff, reflect and learn from what I observe, and understand more about how a perfusionist would function in a hospital setting.I would be happy to provide you with an outline indicating what I am expecting from the shadowing as well as provide feedback and reflections from what I observe.
Hello, I’m a prospective perfusion student looking to shadow someone in the Chicago area.  At the very least I would like to contact someone to gain insight into the job experience and climate in the region.Thank You
Hello,My name is Trinh and I am a student at William Carey University. I am very interested on becoming a perfusionist. However, it is hard to find a perfusionist to shadow from where I live. I live on the coast in Mississppi and I am hoping if could ask for help in shadowing a perfusionist.
Hello, I am currently a third year biology student at Barry University.  I will be applying into the perfusion program in February and as part of my prerequisites I must observe a perfusionist in an open heart surgery. It would be of great help if I could be given this opportunity. Thank you so much, Micaela 
Do employers prefer those who have a degree in perfusion over those who have a certificate? Would finding a job be difficult with only a certificate? Are wages higher with a degree?
I am a student who is very interested in cardiopulmonary perfusion but I am finding it very difficult to find someone to shadow, I am currently located in Logan UT. I’m willing to travel to accomplish this and was hoping someone would be willing to let me come see them practice.Sincerely,


Hello, I noticed your site was helping prospective perfusionists find a perfusionist to shadow. I am in the same position. May you help me find a perfusionist to shadow? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
I couldn’t get the link to to open. IS it still valid?Thank you,


Hello, I’m a Senior at University of Texas Arlington looking to apply to perfusion programs. I would like to shadow a Perfusionist to obtain observation hours and also learn more about the field. If you could be of help, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
Hello,My name is Teale Finkel I am currently a fourth year student of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am extremely interested in becoming a cardiac perfusionist and would love to shadow. I am currently located in Santa Cruz but am willing to travel to be able to shadow.

Please let me know of anyone I can contact.

Thank you so much.



I am looking for weekend ECMO shifts in the Texas area. Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. I am a CCP and Texas certified if needed.How do I go about looking or advertising my services and availibility?

Appreciate your help!

Hello,My name is Teale I am a senior Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am extremely interested in becoming a cardiac perfusionist and am looking for someone to shadow.

Thank you for your time.



Good Afternoon,I wanted to know what steps I would need to take to be able to volunteer a case. I am looking to explore my options in the health field and was intrigued by the position.
Hello, I’m a college student, junior Psychology major, and Criminal Justice minor, who recently became interested in this field. However, as the first member of my family to go to college in the USA, I’m unsure how to start the process…. Will it be possible for me to talk to someone who can help me in finding the right path/process in pursuing this career? Thank you very much!
To whom it may concern,My name is Melit  and I am an undergraduate biochemistry student with a very strong interest in pursuing a career in perfusion. As I am in my third year of school here at UW-Madison and intend to apply to perfusion school immediately after graduation, I would like to accrue experience shadowing a perfusionist in the Madison WI area to determine whether this career path is right for me and to gain hands-on experience seeing the work a perfusionist must regularly do. I fully understand the difficulties associated with having a student potentially shadowing, especially in regards to potentially infringing on patients’ privacy and comfort levels during a procedure as well as any other potential problems my presence may bring, and that these factors may prevent perfusionists in my area from accepting my request. Nevertheless, I would like to request help in finding a perfusionist to shadow in the Madison WI area, and I would appreciate any aid in accomplishing this goal. If you have any potentially useful information for me, please shoot an email on over to [email protected].

Thank you for any help and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


To whom this may concern,Hi my name is Joe and I am graduate of the University of South Carolina. I am interested in cardiovascular perfusion, however I am having trouble finding a perfusionist in Greer, South Carolina. I was wondering if you can help me find a perfusionist to contact and have their permission to observe them. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Joseph

Hi, I am an undergrad student DESPERATELY searching for a perfusionist to shadow in the state of Louisiana. It does not matter what city as I am willing to travel! It is my lifelong dream to become a perfusionist and shadowing is one of the first steps taken to get accepted into a master’s program. I am willing to do whatever and go wherever for this opportunity! It will be the highlight of my undergrad experience! Thanks in advance for your help.

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