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Sanibel Symposium

Jeff Riley Memorial Scholarship

The Sanibel Symposium is honored to present the Jeff Riley Memorial Scholarship, a prestigious award dedicated to supporting students who demonstrate exceptional talent in their field. This scholarship is available to perfusion students who submit presenter abstracts that are selected. Recipients of this scholarship will not only receive a monetary prize but also the unique opportunity to showcase their presentation at the Sanibel Symposium. In a tribute to the spirit of excellence and innovation that Jeff Riley embodied, the Symposium will recognize the outstanding contributions of these emerging professionals by selecting four winners, each of whom will exemplify the highest standards of academic and practical proficiency in their respective presentations. 

Deadline to submit your abstract is February 28,2024.

Jeff Riley Scholarship Abstract Submission

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  • 1st Place: $1,000

  • 2nd Place: $750

  • 3rd Place: $500

  • 4th Place: $250

About Jeff Riley

Jeffrey B. Riley MHPE, LP, CCT, CCP Emeritus gained international acclaim as a cardiovascular education specialist, a proficient clinician in perfusion, an advisor, and an editorial contributor. He led clinical teams and was at the forefront of perfusion technology training in various prominent healthcare academic institutions and the private sector. As an acclaimed author, Jeff contributed more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, emphasizing quality control, perfusion training, simulation, and pioneering research in clinical extracorporeal techniques. A pioneer himself, Mr. Riley was an alumnus of the United States’ inaugural formal perfusion training program. He significantly contributed to the perfusion field, taking on key roles in national professional bodies and educating numerous perfusionists, industry representatives, nurses, and doctors. Generously, Jeff shared his expertise with medical professionals globally, notably in countries like Nepal and Kenya.