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Quick Reference: Oxygenator Change Out During CPB

Signs of failure: Falling arterial PO2 or falling SVO2 in the presence of 100%, FiO2 and flows at a normal to high cardiac index and adequate anesthesia;  membrane gradient > 100mmHg.
  1. Notify surgeon and anesthesia.
  2. Wean off CPB if it is possible to do so in the operation.
  3. Have someone get an oxygenator and the IV pole with holder.  
  4. Turn off ALF purge.
  5. Clamp venous and arterial lines.
  6. Double clamp the inlet and outlet lines of the oxygenator.
  7. Swab area to be cut with alcohol pad.
  8. Cut lines with sterile scissors or blade.
  9. Attach both the inlet and outlet to new oxygenator.
  10. Clamp and remove old arterial sample line from manifold and attach the new line.
  11. Attach the new oxygenator’s recirculation line to top of the reservoir.
  12. Prime oxygenator through the recirculation lines.
  13. Transfer the gas line to the new oxygenator.
  14. When de-bubbled, close the recirculation lines and resume CPB.
  15. Drain back the water lines and then attach them to the pigtails on the new holder.

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