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Perfusion India: The Story of Bijender Singh Bali [4]

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An Interview With a Perfusionist from India…

Thank you Bij for allowing this interview to happen.  I appreciate the effort you have taken to respond with such thoughtful and enlightening answers.

So let us continue.

Q 5:

Discuss your techniques regarding blood management, use of plavix, Novo7, platelets, FFP and Cryo.

Our techniques for blood management are as follows:

* Condense your Circuit Prime down  

*Calculate the Post-Dilutional Hct, Protein, COP values

*RAP/VAP (Auto Prime) both sides of your Circuit with the help of Anesthesia and the Surgeon. This is not only proven very effective in many studies, and its $$$ economical as it costs nothing.

 *Add Albumin / Osmitrol to Increase the COP / Diuresis of the patient.

 *Limit the Cell Washer to the Pre and Post Heparinization periods!

 *On-site coagulation monitoring like the thromboelastography TEG, Sonoclot and Heparin concentration determination like the Hepcon are essential tools in determining the Hemostasis.

*Targeted pharmacotherapy (antifibrinolytics and desmopressin acetate) are an integral part to prevent empiric transfusions of allogenic blood and blood products.

*Hemoconcentration should be considered for use to reverse excess fluid administration perioperatively, eliminate undesirable byproducts including antiplatelet medications and concentrate the patient’s red cell mass and plasma proteins during the case.

*Once safely off bypass Salvage the CPB circuit with Ultrafiltration so you don’t waste any of the patient’s OWN viable and vital blood cell fractions and components to a waste bag.

Q 6:

Give me your opinion on how blogs, youtube, facebook, and twitter affect perfusionists- and any direction you see that is attainable for instant communication to help each other across the globe?

The world is becoming a smaller place now. We are able to communicate in real time with each other at any time. We are able to share our experiences online. We can have a one to one chat or a group discussion on a blog for the daily issues we face.

We can discuss similar scenarios or problems that may have been faced by the other people in the field. Also what may be our future requirements and in what direction our field needs to move.

We should have a global forum to discuss our problems and future needs. 

> Thanks bro 🙂


Thank you so much for the time you took to share your position.  I very much liked your answer regarding blood management.

I would like a global forum.  It is necessary and far past due.  My hope is that eventually, this blog will be considered a resource for all of us.

I need help.  I need writers and opinions from all over the globe.  So please tell your friends if they are willing, and they wish to tell their story, or post a question, that I will certainly assist in any way towards making their voices heard.

Thank you for being a contributor to our new global community.


Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

A Happy Birthday Indeed 🙂


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