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Perfusion NewswireCircuit SurfersPerfusion Art: “Thoracic Park…”

Perfusion Art: “Thoracic Park…”

Perfusion Art: “Thoracic Park…”

Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP

Equipment: I Phone 8+

Editing: Photoshop

Narrative: End of a long day- TAVRs x 3

Time & Place:   2021- North of the Wabash River

About The Artist:  CCP


We dodged a bullet today. A very nice save. Couldn’t help but notice how much our equipment resembles mechanical versions of Apex predators from our primordial past …

The formidable yet EXTINCT T-Rex…

Current Apex Stand-In: CardioThoracic (Heart) Surgeons 🙂


A Stereoisomer of same Art:


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