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Fighting Back! Setup Your Own Dept Covid Symptoms Database

Editor’s Note:

These days when someone sneezes or coughs- EVERYBODY turns and looks.  Herd mentality for sure.

The main symptoms of COVID-19

Include a cough, shortness of breath and a fever. Additionally, you might have digestive problems ― like nausea or diarrhea ― a headache and a sore throat. At the onset of the illness, you may experience a loss of smell or taste.  I have had all of these in the last 2 weeks- and most likely it is just a cold or whatever.

I’m out of my clinical rotation right now because I spiked a temp a few days ago.  Everybody does that.  Then I thought about what my colleague Jess mentioned in regards to starting a log for monitoring Staff temps etc.  So I took it to the next level and punched out a quick Google Form to make it easier and allow for real-time data sharing.  It may or may not represent a useful tool for your perfusion group– but I figured I would at least offer up the concept to all of my colleagues.

Pump Strong (bcf)

Be Safe 🙂


How the Data Looks

These are just dummy samples- and obviously if you decide to make a google form for your group- you can modify it very easily




Steps on How to Develop Your Own Google Form

Its very easy to do if you have a google account (gmail).

  1. Open Google APPS
  2. Click on the “Drive” Icon
  3. Click on on “New”  (upper Left Corner
  4. Select the “More” Option
  5. Click on “Google Forms”
  6. Select Blank template
  7. Start Creating your form
  8. Link the form to an Excell data sheet- so that all data is auto-entered into the spreadsheet
  9. Make it Shareable so that anyone with the shareable link can enter or view data


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