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Chillin’ With Your Team


This is what the patients see when they’re looking up from the OR bed. 🙂

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Editor’s Note:

Not all things “Heart Team” involve an operating room environment.  To be effective you kinda have to actually like each other.  That to me is one of the the strongest pillars of team work and clinical excellence.

You need to know your people, trust your people, and chill out with your people.  It doesn’t all have to be Life-or-Death, DEFCOM 4 stuff.

So yesterday we had some fun @ one of our heart surgeon’s house:)

It was a blast, and made you realize that being part of something special is worth everything we go through to get there.

I trust with my life, and admire everyone in the pictures you will see below, and hope that your teams are equally as bonded as ours.

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Saturday Evening Pool Party !

Good times …



Looks like a 50’s Hollywood pool picture (note the hair extensions)






Celebrating a correct instrument count 🙂



Tres Hombres & the guardian …



It’s not as complex as the HLM (BUT- Way cooler!)



El Jeffe’



“Are you pumping my case today?”



Tres Hombres part II:  A search-and-destroy all food mission 🙂



Pink toenails



Essential Party Ingredients:  Cold brew, a toy train, and some orange soda ….



Just like Santa’s lap- “Have you been a good girl this year ???”

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