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2020- HAPPY Perfusionists Week- :)

Editor’s Note:

A very Happy Perfusionist’s week to all my dear colleagues – you are the backbone of any open heart surgery centre . We owe you big time guys (and ladies) . Whenever I have needed a strong scientific mind and able skilled hands to help me in a case – you have been there . If ever I have been a King in a previous life ( I was !!) you have been my trusted General (you were !!)
A salute to the numerous heroes i have had the pleasure of working with or knowing: Rajinder Raina Sharma ji (PGI), Sk Khokhar, late Mr William Prem Sagar, Kamla Rana (Escorts/ Medanta now) , Pinto Stanley, Deshraj, Balu, Sekhar (Care Hyderabad) , Mãñõj ShãrmãPrateek Mishra, Tanmay Dey , Rajeev George, late Mr Stanley John, Munna (Escorts), Vincent Baldev, my dear soul friend Frank Aprile (whom I have yet to meet – but who has been an amazing e friend with his timely helping tips re perfusion and life ) , Harmeet SinghBijender Singh Bali, Anuj , Thangappazham ThangamSivashankari Subramaniam, Mr John (St Vincents Sydney) , Mr Daniel Fitzgerald and Barry Shopnick (Boston Partners MGH – helped us in Fortis), Adarsh Barwal, Rahul Barwal , Ms Vaishnavi…… and so many others

As per a Sanskrit sloka – the ideal student has the following qualities :
“Kak chesta,
bako dhyanam,
shwan nidra tathaiva cha,
grih tyagi,
vidyarthi panch lakshanam.”

Means – the 5 values of a student’s life are:
1) Perseverance of a crow,
2) concentration of a swan,
3) light sleeper like a dog,
4) light eater,
5) ready to stay away from home

One who follows this will be a Perfect Human Being.

I feel that all are equally true for a good perfusionist …and a good surgeon for that matter .

Pic is of my perfusionist – the incomparable late Mr Shivaji Gupta – a great technically and spiritually skilled man . The photograph captures his utter concentration and focus while our team is performing the first bypass surgery in the state of Punjab (24 Nov 1995) – “Satan ….not on my watch” – he seems to be saying…

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